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The virtual projects are at budding graduates and those in the research community who fall under broader disciplines of Biotechnology. Elementary and fundamental Bioinformatics and Systems Biology will be catered to the interest of researchers. Virtual hands-on sessions, a group discussion and a mini project at the end of the project will be done in the form of a group assignment.  The researchers are also invited to submit abstracts for presentation on the areas of their interest as talks in concurrent sessions, or as virtual posters. Ample time will be set aside for discussion th erationale, problem formulation of the projects. The topics are then discussed with them for any collaboration for future virtual projects in Bioclues.org and also from the various collaborators of Bioclues across different countries. The goals of virtual projects are based on Open Access policies. Please visit our Publications page as a result of virtual projects catered for the last 10 years.

Questions may be addressed to prashATbiocluesDOTorg

Bioclues Organization: http://www.bioclues.org

Googlegroups: http://groups.google.com/group/bioclues

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