Horigene: A webserver that predicts horizontal gene transfer events

What is Horigene ?

  • Horizontal Gene Transferred events play a very important role for an organism.  This webserver predicts the proteins that event HGT.
  • It is developed as a one stop portal to provide researchers to query HGT events in an integrated system.

Why Horigene?

  • Whether or not pathogencity is involved as a part of eventing HGT and vice versa. For example, at a given point of time what is the perchance of the sequences eventing HGT?  Is it specific to pathogenic on non pathogenic genes? If so what would the outcome of such sequences?  Do they still remain pathogenic or non pathogenic?  Would the domains they harbor remain "as is"   or change during evolution?

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How Horigene works ?

  • Proteins on a trained network tested whether or not they event HGT
  • Selection of portion of DB with integrated tools [UniProt, NCBI BLAST 2.2.18].
  • Multiple catalogues/search to span Horigenes differently.
  •  Community annotation
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