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BIRD Awards


 Please stay tuned for the call in September 2020!

To encourage bioinformaticists in India who have had made outstanding contributions in the area of Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics, we have initiated the Bioclues Innovation, Research and Development (BIRD) awards in 2011. 

  • Nominations are invited for outstanding contributions in the area of Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics. This award is meant not just for academicians but also for scientists who have shown exemplary excellence in the field of Bioinformatics. While scientists who have been working for not-for-profit organizations will be given importance, the ones who are working for commercial organisations are no less exception if the research they have carried out has been widely honoured and have made longstanding contributions.  The awardee would receive a plaque and a citation with certificate. The awardee would further be invited to join the core/rep team of Bioclues society.
  • Self-nominations SHALL NOT be entertained.  
  • Selection will be based on  scientific merit, nomination letter, scientific/technical evaluation and a telephonic interview.
  • Women scientists are highly encouraged to apply.
  • The applicant should be nominated by his/her mentor or a colleague.  
  • Nominations must be emailed to news{AT}bioclues{DOT}org on or 
  • The society reserves the right to extend the deadline, if deserving nominations are NOT fulfilled.
  • The following are the requisites for assessment:
    • Promoted international stands for R and D in India.
    •  Created novel models/opportunities or Bioinformatics-based tools.
    •  Mentored student researchers.
    •  S/he is less than 35 years and preferably a PhD in Bioinformatics or related field.
    • Secured grants in organizing international events and activities in support of Bioinformatics.
    • Have penchant for and respect Open Access and is an adherent to COPE ethics.
    • is a Life Member of  Bioclues.org

 BIRD Awardees:

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