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We have been privileged to have mentored ca. 2400 graduate students in bioinformatics, with some of them hailing from different laboratories and organizations in the world.   Some of the following have been kind enough to have put their thoughts:


“I have been associated with Bioclues for the last four years. It was great working and learning experience for me.  The best thing about being associated with Bioclues is the mentoring environment. Mentoring support I got from the team was wonderful. It helped me a lot in my research career. I could do my PhD  because of Bioclues.org. Participation in few virtual projects taught me how to write research papers and enhanced my professional growth.  As a member of Bioclues I could meet different scientists and researchers across the country which helped me in developing scientific network. Overall Bioclues is an ideal platform for students to shape their career.”

~ Johny Ijaq, PhD fellow at Osmania University and an ex-core member. Mentee for the years 2012-’15.


I have been a member of Bioclues for quite a long time. My first introduction to Bioinformatics was done through Bioclues. Not only this, it helped me to understand what a scientific community is and how it works. I became more aware of the up-to-date work through Bioclues and have additionally helped me in contributing to these really good works. As scientists of different expertise work in Bioclues, it is a great opportunity for one to make use of each other’s talents, interact with great minds, and brainstorm ideas. Being in Bioclues, I would describe myself as an evolving researcher and the organization played a pronounced role to continuously teach me and let me explore my interests. I am confident that, at Bioclues, we will continue to impart great scientific breakthroughs and bring forward our best to help the research in science.

~ Sujata Dhar, Research fellow based in the United States and a Women in Biology chair. Mentee for the years 2012-’14.


“Some things in life fascinate you the most and encourage you to do something for the benefit of the society. Biolcues is one such thing! Since the time I have been a part of this organisation my vision and scope of thinking has increased by far. As the intention of the founders goes, Bioclues by far has been successful to integrate the Bioinformaticians from various spheres. It ranges from scientist to students and most importantly each person ever willing to help other without any self-directed motive. This has made me inclined to be a part of this team. The members that I have asked to join Bioclues are far more satisfied with its postings and events. People are updated with the recent discoveries and happenings in the field of Bioinformatics. Most importantly, they are updated with the recent work opportunities in this field. Many people aim to advance with their studies in Bioinformatics and Bioclues has been an excellent guide to them, by being a portal where current openings are regularly advertised. Their international affiliations are very significant and help people by giving a chance to be in the international backgrounds and build contacts with people abroad.

I feel I am lucky to be a part of this organization and I will continue to be an active member. I would be happy to be a part of the Bioclues team.”

~ Mayank Bedi, Junior Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), Bangalore. Mentee for the years 2010-’11.



“Kudos to bio clues! Great work..great motto..great place to learn.. I am a product of bioclues.org. Thank you for the experience. I have learnt from the mentors about various things in my research career. I have built my foundation in bioinformatics because of bioclues.”

~ Jitesh Dundas, M.Tech, Scientist. Mentee for the year 2009-’10.


“First of all Congratulations to Bioclues for its glorious six years. I have done my internship project of in-silico analysis of miRNA and derived in-dept knowledge about the function and processing of miRNAs. Bioclues helped me to to gain knowledge about Perl scripting while on the project, which had increased my knowledge by then and help me fetch a job. Also I had traveled to Singapore or poster presentation which provided me an opportunity to meet great people in my research project and have invaluable discussions with them. Cheers to Bioclues! Keep up the good work Bioclues.”

~ Chirag Matkar, B.Tech., Software Engineer, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd, A Cadmus Communication /Cenveo Inc Company. Mentee for the year 2009-’10


“Bioclues is a nice way to spread the knowledge in Bioinformatics. Bioclues has provided me ample knowledge regarding the current demand of subject and has made me realize the importance of higher studies in this field. Moreover, it keeps me updated regarding the conferences and workshops that take place throughout the world. It has given me ample exposure and awareness of different PhD areas across different universities in Berlin, Indiana, Lund university, Sweden etc.”

~ Meetanshu Mittal, Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital, Jaipur, India, Mentee for the year 2010-’11.


“It has been almost 5 years now since I am associated with this organization. What I have observed in these passing years is a regular and uniform effort to share knowledge and understanding of life sciences among the seekers. Be it providing scientific suggestions or, self evaluation by the peers, Bioclues has never given up on me. Mentoring and nurturing is their aspiration. I sincerely believe that a constant effort like that will pave the way for the organization towards the greater objective and success.

Best of luck!”

~ Amrit Ravi, Morgan Stanley | “Siruseri.” Mentee for the year 2010-’11.


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