Stress: Plant Protein Database

What is PSPDB?

  • Plant Stress Proteins Database hosts proteins of Biotic and Abiotic stresses.
  • DB includes 30 different types of stress proteins in crops and higher plants.
  • Stress is defined as metabolic derailment due to environment modulation in plant homeostasis.

Why PSPDB is created ?

  • Existing Stress DBs donot cover all stress factors or plant species.
  • Rapid curations and citations at UniProt.

Quick view of Stress Factors

What is in PSPDB?

  • 2064 manually curated plant proteins from UniProt.
  • Multiple catalogue search to span Stress DB differently.
  • Integrated Tools {NCBI BLAST, ClustalW, NJPLOT, Hmmer}
  • Tutorials: Help pages with step-by-step instructions and FAQ.
  • Protein entries of this DB are updated monthly.
  • New manually curated peptides are added once in six months
  • Results of analytics are viewed on screen or sent by Email.
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