Stress: Plant Protein Database
        PSPDB: Plant Stress Protein Database
DB Version, Sub-database Content 

The SelectDB has options for DB version and another one for Sub-Database. The database versions are augmented to the list whenever the Stress DB is updated or upgraded. From main menu when a user clicks ‘SelectDB option’ we get the following page:

UniProtKB   This option is the default for the entire complete database with all Stress proteins that are retrieved from UniProtKB (Reviewed and Unreviewed) and GenPept

UniProtKB [Swiss-Prot]   If the user prefers to use only reviewed Stress protein entries, can use this option

UniProtKB [TrEMBL]   This option allows users to use only unreviewed proteins

GenPept   Here we use only GenPept entries without any entry from UniProtKB

The first dropdown list DATABASE VERSION shows the date of the current version of the PSPDB. For example "Stress DB 17_Jun_2013" uses the version of DB as updated on 17_Jun_2013 which was rebuild with 2064 manually curated peptides

The second dropdown list SUB-DATABASE SELECTION MENU allowing users to choose a segment of PSPDB. Currently, data is sourced from UniProt and then manually curated. The dropdown list (highlighted with red border) allows users to choose between data categories. The UniProtKB option is shown by default and means that the user has chosen to search the entire database.

Alternatively, users can choose to search data that was sourced from UniProtKB [Swiss-Prot] or UniProtKB [TrEMBL]. UniProtKB [Swiss-Prot] entries have been curated using both computational tools and manual curation and are thus classified as reviewed entries. UniProtKB [TrEMBL] entries, on the other hand, have been curated using computational tools and are classified as unreviewed entries.

After making the above choices, click submit button for Catalogue page.