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BIOCLUES is acronymed for BIOinformatics CLUb for Experimenting Scientists:

Bioclues is a non-profit virtual organization for, by, and of the Indian Bioinformaticians. Incepted in the year 2005, it is one of the fastest growing bioinformatics societies in India, currently serving over 8600 members from nearly 30 countries. We aim to bring together the Indian bioinformaticians, foster a strong working mentor–mentee relationship, provide access to bioinformatics resources, organize conferences and workshops besides imparting information about research,  training, education, employment and current events and news from bioinformatics, genomics, and related fields. Bioclues adheres Creative Commons License with the prime focus to help the bioinformaticists in India to promote open access. In the year 2010,we have setup vision 2020 to ensure our thoughts are converted to actions by the said year. As wet set the milestones, we heralded vision 2030.  

We work on four avenues, viz.  M-O-R-E:

Mentoring: To back a strong mentor–mentee relationship wherein scientists devote time to promising student-researchers by mentoring them online, assist students’ in virtual projects.  We believe such approach would introduce critical and novel thinking to students which would not only set aside for them to formulate a research problem but also devout time to interact with seniors who have been in the field for years.

Outreach: To identify students who are in need of mentors, drive and assist them effectively in gaining access to the latest bioinformatics research. 

Research:  To improve and raise awareness by providing basic support to student and professionals in the area of bioinformatics and systems biology whilst promoting Open Access. 

Entrepreneurship:  To be the catalyst in developing a new generation of computational biologists across India.  We would like to bring a uni-faceted value across multi-disciplinarians practising these soft and biological matter. That said, we would like to encourage student scientists to take up entrepreneurship as it is the need of the hour for developing bioinformatics in India.  

TOFMIB is Toll Free Mentoring in Bioinformatics: “Where can I be placed after I graduate in bioinformatics?”  This is one of the common most questions asked by budding bioinformatics graduates in India. Many graduate students who have taken up bioinformatics as a taught programme in developing countries face difficulties in finding jobs. We give solutions towards this towards several questions the aspiring bioinformaticists in India often ask. Through this, you are welcome to ask any questions to mentors on your career perspective.

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