Hypo2 - A Database of Hypothetical Proteins in Human
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hypo?

Hypo is a database of hypothetical proteins in humans which includes a list of known unknown regions, pseudogenes in human. 

2. How many records exist in Hypo?

The 2016 version of HypoDB contains 1015 validated HPs that are curated manually.

3. Why Hypo is upated?

Hypo is constantly updated to provide researchers with a website that contains comprehensive and reliable information about the known unknown regions. Furthermore, for the current version, we aimed to allow users to extend the value and utility by predicting whether or not the query they rendered is a pseudogene or not. Some of these tools have integrated and can be run directly.  

5. What is unique about HypoDB?

As a comprehensive resource, Hypo is unique in several ways. Firstly, its records have been sourced primarily from UniProtKB and then manually curated. In other words, for each record, any internal conflicting or inconsistent annotation has been cross-checked against the articles listed in its original reference section. When found, inconsistencies and conflicts were reported, a listed referenced was cited and then passed on to senior curators who have then validated and resolved these inconsistencies and conflicts.

7. Are there any other modifications or additions in the pipeline?

Yes, we would like to expand this webserver by incorporating the information about families and transcription factors, finding potential pseudogenes that can be perused as potential biomarkers.

8. Where can I get the documentation for this project?

You may email Sundararajan at collaborators page.

9. To whom can I report a bug or discrepancy?

Contributions are most welcome. We sincerely appreciate it

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