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We have three main tiers of memberships for  academics/industrial memebrs.  Please visit our  Memberships page to avail one.

Bioclues is a non-profit organization Of, By, and For the Bioinformaticians in India. It aims at bringing together research scientists interested in Bioinformatics, the inter- and multidisciplinary science to understand biological systems at the molecular and cellular level using informatics and computational algorithms, approaches, and models.The principal goals and driving force for Bioclues are to study, develop and spread Bioinformatics in a scientific, academic, technologic and industrial environment in India. The organization was an incubatee of IKP Knowledge Park between 2010 and 2012. The organization has predominantly members from India or of Indian origin, but others are also welcome as members. Get registered and be part of Bioclues and participate in the pursuits to search for clues in biology. Bioclues.org is a not-for-profit virtual organization, an affiliate of International Society for Computational Biology and Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network.  We are registered in India (#520 of 2009). 

Here is the current list of Life/Annual members.

Any questions may be addressed to adminATbiocluesDOTorg

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