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Say NO to these bad practices whence publishing your articles

Publish or Perish has been the paradigm for researchers.  Yes, we love to publish and hate to perish.  Why not follow the simple rules before you start writing your articles?

  • Novelty and No-nonsense:  Keep these two Ns and you will be  a proud author for the article.
  • No self-citing please:  Very often, researchers wish to cite their own articles. While it is a good practice to cite one mentioning the prelude for your current article of interest, it would be unethical to cite all your history!  Please stop this.
  • A good covering lettering would demonstrate the rationale behind your work.  Let the editors know what you wish to present in your article! Keep it plain! (English)
  • DoNOT provide your “known” reviewers.  Always expect the article to be double blind-folded!  Even if you mention it in some circumstances, please doNOT discuss this with your ‘said’ peer(s).
  •  Ethics and hippocratic oath are signs of a best scientist.  Are you the one?


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