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Membership benefits

We don’t want to have a normal prototype set for membership benefits and so you would find a unique list here:

  • One-to-one mentoring on career path, development of their curriculum in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology.
  • Huge discounts on courses and workshops; most of them are free or with very nominal registration fee.
  • Outreach activities, connecting network of peers in the niche areas of interests.
  • Bioinformatics resources; privileged member alias.
  • Privilege to vote or endorse BIRD awardees.
  • Invitation to write a review article and join one of the virtual projects with mentors after successful mentoring.
  • Ensuring the member adheres to the highest ethical standards during his/her career.

Membership categories

  • Student memberships: 300 INR per year for researchers within India and 30 USD for overseas students.
  • Life memberships (one time) :  2000 INR for researchers within India and 50 USD for overseas members. While we have introduced this from 2017,we request the interested life members to first send us an e mail on why of their interests and how they wish to contribute to the society.
  • Industrial sponsorships: 8000 INR or 100 USD per year. We encourage companies to become industrial memberships. The benefits include peer-peer network  of scientists from/to the sponsoring organization, Newsletter archives, Exchange of logos, E mail blast and advertisement across the forum. Please contact us before you wish to become the one.
How is the membership fee utilized?
  • (For example) For every Annual membership fee, we receive, on an average the following expenses are incurred:
    • Receipt and postal charges – 10%
    • Website – 10%
    • Scholarships – 40%
    • Auditing -20%
    • Corpus – 20%
Do you know?
We have eminent members from India and  abroad. For  List of  all Life Members,  please click here 
How to pay?

Pay your membership dues in two simple steps

  1.   You may please pay the amount ONLINE using “Checkout with PayU money”.
  2.   Please  send an e mail with receipt/acknowledgement of  transaction to adminATbiocluesDOTorg.

Please expect a receipt by snail mail, so ensure you give full address with PIN code and phone number.


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