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  • Prashanth Suravajhala, PhD:  Prash is the founder of Bioclues.org. Also associated with Bioinformatics.org, he has wide interests in the areas of Functional Genomics and Systems Biology of Known Unknowns in Human. He is currently working as a Research Scientist at Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur, India.
  • Pritish Varadwaj, PhD:  Pritish is the co-founder of the organization.  He is an Associate Professor at IIIT, Allahabad and has been widely engaged in Machine Learning in Bioinformatics. He is the one who put enormous efforts towards development of the resources and virtual classroom.
  • For other Bioclues Executive Team (BET), please check the constitution in vision page. Some of the select past BET/core/representatives members are enlisted here

Core Members

Board Advisers

  • GPS Raghava, PhD:  Raghava is  a Honorary President of the organization. He  serves as a Senior Scientist at IMTECH, Chandigarh. Raghava needs no mention for bioinformatic practitioners at least from India.  He has had an incredible list of publications and developed wide gamut of databases and bioinformatics servers for research community.
  • Jayaraman Valadi, PhD: Jayaraman is a Scientist Emeritus, working for Shiv Nadar University. His area of expertise is Machine Learning in Bioinformatics. He has been guiding us upfront as a chief adviser since 2008.
  • Pratap Reddy, PhD: Pratap is  Chief Adviser of the organization. He  is an Entrepreneur and works on use of IT in Agriculture; Sustainable Farming; Farmers’ rights against GM Crops.  He worked as Chief Scientist in various capacities.
  • Srinivasan N, PhD.  Srini is a Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Bioclues. He is a Senior Scientist and Group Leader of Proteins Structure and Evolutionary Group at Indian Institute of Science wherein they are interested in understanding complex relationship between sequence, structure and functions of proteins using computational analysis.
  • Other distinguished Advisers are Drs. R. Keshavachandran, M. Krishna Mohan, Desh Pal Verma, PK Gupta, HS Balyan, Bhanu Reddy, Shrish Tiwari, R Sowdhamini, PB Kavi Kishor, KRS Rao, Rajeev Varshney among few.

  In addition, we have a wonderful list of advisers from India and abroad who have been making Bioclues move forward.




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